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7006 Einheiten


These hydraulic hand operated units are most commonly used for prototyping and small production runs. There are two basic units in the 7006 style, a standard unit which can utilize 3.0 or 4.6 size Tog-L-Loc® tooling, or a heavy duty unit which can utilize 5.5 Tog-L-Loc® tooling. Each unit is available in one of two (2) different anvil styles, the style of anvil required depends on the design of part being joined. A hydraulic pump and a spring or air balancer (sold seperately) is required to operate the unit. For increased flexibility, an optional gyro ring can be purchased from BTM which will allow the unit to rotate 360o on 3 axes.

  • Clinches a maximum total thickness of 4mm mild steel.
  • Requires a Hydraulic Pump (BTM HydroPak Unit).
  • Different Anvil Styles Available.
  • Optional Gimbal Mount to ease positioning and increase flexibility when clinching hard-to-reach locations on a part.

Standard Units

Standard 7006 units include the traditional unit which can utilize 3.0 or 4.6 Tog-L-Loc® tooling, and a "heavy duty" unit which uses 5.5 Tog-L-Loc® tooling. Please consult the catalog at the bottom of this page for more information.

Typical Part Configurations Compatible With 7006 Units

10sj  11sj  12sj  13sj  14sj  15sj  17sj  18sj  19sj  20sj  23sj  27sj       






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